Xbox Open Tray Error: How to Fix or Repair It

After you’ve been using your Xbox 360 for a while, you may encounter the infamous “Open Tray Error”.

Whenever your console cannot read a game disc, CD or DVD disc, it may report onscreen that your disc tray is open. When this happens, instead of Play Game or Play DVD as options showing on your screen, you may see Open Tray.

What Causes the Open Tray Problem

A good professional Xbox cleaning of the drive, laser and full interior should fix your Open Tray Error.

A good professional Xbox cleaning of the drive, laser and full interior should fix your Open Tray Error.

There are three common causes of the Open Tray Error:

  1. A dirty Xbox 360 disc drive laser
  2. Not enough lubrication for the drive motor
  3. A magnetic problem that locks up the drive and prevents it from spinning

Sometimes skilled users can clean or blowout their console and cure the problem, but generally most users will need to bring it in to us for service. We can fix all 3 of these issues quickly, usually in less than an hour. And, if needed, we can replace worn or damaged lasers, drives or other components immediately, without long delays. We keep all parts and replacement subunits in stock.

What to Do When You See Open Tray Instead of Play Game or Play DVD

Your problem may be caused by simply a bad disc, dirty laser and drive, or worn out components.

A temporary bad disc problem where your console simply can’t read a particular disc is sometimes fixed if you simply perform these steps:

  1. Remove the problematic disc
  2. Close the tray and then
  3. Re-insert it to try again
  4. If that disc has been damaged, you may have to use another disc, or for a small fee, we can repair and restore damaged/scratched discs to like new condition

In some cases to clear the error from the console’s memory, you may have perform these steps:

  1. power down
  2. disconnect the Xbox from the wall power
  3. reconnect the wall power to your console unit
  4. power on
  5. re-insert the disc

If these steps do not fix the problem and you keep seeing the same issue over and over again, then your console needs servicing to professionally clean it and replace worn parts as needed. Call us for an appointment, or drop by. We can fix these problems for you in less than an hour at inexpensive fees.

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